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MY NAME IS Maucir.


Having started my career in Marketing in Brazil then migrating to Australia, I have first established myself as a professional but then quickly moved into running my own ventures, leading me to own multiple successful businesses, be President of a Non-For-Profit and MD of a Financial Institution.


After almost 10 years in Sydney, I have now returned to Brazil to both further my businesses and fulfil my desire to give my contribution to the country's development.



What I have been doing in the last few years


Upon my return to Brazil, bought into a big data business. On a few months after I joined in as a partner the startup started growing on an impressive 38% per month ratio and is now on route to be the next Brazilian unicorn.

One fo the main points about my profile is a results oriented approach. My contribution to this this project was completely overhauling the sales department by replacing all online marketing with a sophisticated reputation and referral based lead magnet which resulted in a radical lead quality increase and therefore a higher conversion rate.

From a failing institution, which was in debt and only declining, to a well oiled machine with a great management team in the 2 years which I was the President. Turning this Non-For-Profit around was my way of giving back to the community all the wonderful things I learned about business in Australia and is the best case study I have delivered where business and society can indeed bare great fruit by walking hand in hand.



the Journey

Plant a tree. Have a child. And now, the book.

I decided to write about the return to my country of birth after 10 years living in a country that helped shape the man that I am today.

There isn't enough content out there for those returning to their home countries after immigrating so I decided to do something about it.

The book has been written to help whose who either are about to or have already returned, after all, if I can help them avoid certain mistakes... Why not?

Unfortunately the book isn't available in english just yet. Perhaps in the near future?

Learn more here.


I am a big believer in networking and in people helping each other. If there is something I can do for you, please reach out.

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